Milarepa’s, the restart …….
Milarepa’s, the restart …….

Milarepa’s, the restart …….

Milarepa’s, the restart …….

Uniting enthusiasm, strength and knowledge from the heart of the Himalayas and the city of Barcelona we have created Milarepa’s.

Milarepa’s is Natalia and Mila.

Natalia left behind a type of life in Europe and has carried a backpack of knowledge

I am Mila, I live in Barcelona and I am a biologist from the marrow, although for reasons of life I left my laboratory work. I have restarted in my profession but I remain faithful to my principles of loving Nature.

What are you going to find!

You will find products that unite the needs of the human being and the materials of nature; you will find products created with respect for people and society and you will find respect for nature and materials.

We use natural materials taking care of their process from the origin to the final garment.

We promote sustainable production, if possible from the cultivation, spinning and manufacturing of fabrics. Thanks to local designers, tailors and seamstresses (mostly female artisans), they create comfortable, natural and handmade garments one by one.

A garment of the best quality, natural and sustainable that will arrive at your home from the most remote point.

A garment that in its creation has allowed the visibility of local Himalayan artisans, impregnated with care and durable, allowing a respect for our home, the Earth.

When you buy one of our handmade products, you will buy more than an object, you will buy hundreds of hours of dedication, successes and failures, moments of pure happiness.

You will not only buy a thing, you will buy a piece of heart, a piece of soul, a small portion of someone’s life.


and why Milarepa's?

Milarepa, a Tibetan yogi who is said to have been the first to reach enlightenment.

With him I share her name “Mila” and like Natalia, the need to rebuild her life with other perspectives.

“Mila” from the Tibetan name means “the one who wears cotton” and “-repa” is said to the yogis who wear white.

All these coincidences and many more made “Milarepa’s” the ideal name.

As Milarepa’s said, our only possession has to be “no-desire” and that is why we create and sell products that “are not desire”, they are not whims, but necessary and sustainable products, because they are durable and that makes us respect our environment and the artisans who create them.

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