Why do we have to change our consumption in fashion?

Did you know that according to the UN, the fashion industry is the second most polluting on the planet? This race touching the first place is due to toxic emissions and waste generated by the garments themselves. An example:to make jeans, the amount of water that an average adult drinks in 7 years.

What about the shirt that you no longer wear because it is “old-fashioned”? Polyester takes between 100 and 500 years to degrade.

Chemical components not only negatively affect the environment, but also your own skin. (especially those used for garments that are not ironed)

What about production conditions? Are you going to close your eyes to liberal exploitation?

The objective is to stop for a moment and reflect on the consequences of our consumption in fashion and in our own image, in order to balance our consumption and value beyond the retail price.

You will not save the planet today but you will save it tomorrow. We can all contribute to improving the planet.

That is why we propose “wearfulness” a responsible fashion consumption: «Wear or dress fully». It is a way of life based on responsible consumption, respecting people and the planet. We want you to know where the materials come from, to meet the artisan women who make them, and to enjoy our products selected to last.

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A world that is also ours, we are going to preserve the particularities of each one that inhabits it



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