I17 Kimono, Beige raw silk
I17 Kimono, Beige raw silk

I17 Kimono, Beige raw silk


Kimono, beige raw silk

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Kimono, beige raw silk, does not harm any living being. Soft and light fabric with rustic texture. Versatile you can use it on any occasion. The two belts on the sides allow you to wear it in three different ways.


The robe is made of Ahimsa silk. It is a rustic hand-woven fabric. It is not as bright as normal silk, because of its texture it could resemble linen, but it has all the qualities of silk. The cocoons for this silk were hand-picked in North India after the butterfly had already left. It got its name from a Hindi word ‘Ahimsa’ which means ‘Non-violence’. This method does not kill the silkworms to extract the silk. It is also known as peace or vegan silk.
Silk is a luxurious and delicate fabric that must be treated with care. Wash it by hand carefully in cold water with a special silk detergent. Avoid spraying perfume or deodorant on the fabric.

Hemline: 146cm (57inches)
Bust: 108cm (42inches)
Length: 135cm (53inches)


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