Join our philosophy and use durable garments that reduce the impact on the environment. Fabrics are our second skin, they have to be soft and resistant at the same time.

All our garments are 100% natural, we use 80% natural dyes and are hand-dyed. These dyes do not contain the use of heavy metals, do not include harmful and toxic chemicals such as bleach and nitrogen. People with chemically sensitive skin can use these dyes without worrying about the impact they will have on their skin.

From her home in South Asia, Natalia travels back in time to search for the oldest and most sustainable fabrics.

Ajrak is an ancient Indian printing form that is traditionally hand-printed using the resistant dye method, using natural eco-friendly dyes. Ajrak has long been established by the Khatri community of the Kutch Desert in Gujarat.

Regarding the dyes and decorative motifs of garments for around 500 years, the beautiful craftsmanship of ‘Hand Block Printing’ has been practiced in India by using plant dyes of natural origin, particularly with ecological dyes. From natural dyes such as kashish to grayish brown, indigo, such as yellow, red derived from natural sources such as pomegranate creating beautiful stencil-shaped designs.

Thank you for supporting us in exploring crafts and working with the artisans and weavers of Asia.

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